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All are in the British statutory libraries of deposit; the British Library, the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales, the Libraries of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Trinity College, Dublin. In Cornwall most are in the library of the Royal Institution of Cornwall at the County Museum, Truro, and in the Local History Library at Redruth. In the USA some titles are in the Library of Congress. Some family history libraries, particularly in Australia, have copies.

Caradon & Looe; the canal, railways and mines, by Michael Messenger
ISBN 0906294 00 2 (Hardback), 0 906294 01 0 (Card covers) Published 1978
Available again in a new edition, ISBN 978 0 906294 82 6
Stannary Tales; the Shady Side of Mining, by Justin Brooke
ISBN 0 906294 02 9 (Hardback), 0 906294 03 7 (Card covers) Published 1980
An account of the people and cases in Cornwall's Stannary Courts, the unique court set up to regulate the mines of Cornwall and Devon.
The Pentewan Railway, by M.J.T. Lewis
ISBN 0 906294 04 5 (Hardback), 0 906294 05 3 (Card covers) Published 1981
A narrow gauge railway serving the china clay industry of Cornwall and the Georgian harbour of Pentewan, rebuilt in the 1870s by the international engineer John Barraclough Fell.
Available again in a new edition, ISBN 978 0 906294 94 9
North Devon Clay, by Michael Messenger
ISBN 0 906294 06 1 (Hardback), 0 906294 07 X (Card covers) Published 1982
A history of the North Devon ball clay industry and the railways that served it. The narrow gauge Torrington & Marland Railway was engineered by J.B. Fell and the North Devon & Cornwall Junction Light Railway that succeeded it was promoted by Holman Fred Stephens.
Available again in a new edition, ISBN 978 0 906294 65 9
The Redlake Tramway, and China Clay Works,by E. A. Wade
ISBN 0 906294 08 8 (Hardback), 0 906294 09 6 (Card covers) Published 1982
A bold attempt to introduce industry into the heart of Dartmoor, with a three foot gauge tramway giving access.
Available again in a new edition, ISBN 978 0 906294 56 7
Passenger Steamers of the River Tamar, by Alan Kittridge
ISBN 0 906294 10 X Published 1984
The River Tamar, the boundary between Cornwall and Devon, was a major highway carrying not just excursionists but market traffic and workers to the Naval Dockyards at Plymouth.
[See Steamers & Ferries of the River Tamar & Three Towns District, published 2003.]
Ships & Shipbuilders of a West Country Seaport; Fowey 1786-1939, by C. H. Ward-Jackson
ISBN 0 906294 11 8 Published 1986
Ships and people of the small harbour that traded around the world.
Rail & Sail to Pentewan, by John Henry Drew
ISBN 0 906294 12 6 Published 1986
J.H. Drew was fireman and his father the driver of the Pentewan Railway's steam locomotives. Their very accurate memories have been edited by Dr Michael Lewis to give an excellent account of life and work in a small Cornish community.
Passenger Steamers of the River Dart, by Richard Clammer and Alan Kittridge
ISBN 0 906294 13 4 Published 1987
Graceful paddle steamers and prestigious river steamer fleets, market boats and river ferries, evocative excursions in some of the south west's finest scenery.
[See Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle and Steamers of the River Dart, published 2013.]
Dorset's Industrial Heritage, by Peter Stanier
ISBN 0 906294 17 7 Published 1989
An introduction to the industrial archaeology of Dorset
Passenger Steamners of the River Fal, by Alan Kittridge
ISBN 0 906294 18 5 Published 1988
Locally built passenger steamer fleets served the rivers and creeks radiating off Falmouth Bay.
Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway, by Peter Strange
ISBN 0906294 19 3 Published 1989
A superb photographic record of this notable light railway.
Passenger Steamers of the Bristol Channel, by Nigel Coombes
ISBN 0 906294 23 1 Published 1990
The long tradition of cruising for pleasure in the Bristol Channel began as a necessary means of transport until the advent of the railways. The magnificent paddle steamer fleets maintained the tradition until recent years, and the P.S. Waverley continues to do so.
Passenger Steamers of the Glasgow & South Western Railway, by Roy Wilson
ISBN 0 906294 24 X Published 1991
A well ilustrated account of one of the premier Scottish railway steamer operations.
Cornwall's China Clay Heritage, by John R. Smith
ISBN 0 906294 25 8 Published 1992
Detailed guide to the rich heritage of Cornwall's 'white gold', the china clay industry.
Cornwall's Literary Heritage, by Peter Stanier
ISBN 978 0 906294 26 0 Published 1992.
Cornwall has been the inspiration for a great variety of writers.
Cornwall's Butterfly & Moth Heritage, by Adrian Spalding
ISBN 0 906294 27 4 Published 1992
The spectacular scenery and mild climate provide a home for many rare species.
Plymouth; Ocean Liner Port of Call, by Alan Kittridge
ISBN 0 906294 30 4 Published 1993
Plymouth's history as an ocean liner port-of-call from the 1840s to closure to mail traffic in 1963.
Mines & Mining Men of Menheniot, by Stephen Bartlett
ISBN 0 906294 31 2 Published 1994
Excellent history of a Cornish lead mining area with a strong human interest.
Tin Streams of Wendron, by Justin Brooke
ISBN 0 906294 32 0 Published 1995
One of Cornwall's oldest industries, recovering alluvial tin ore deposits.
Quarries of England & Wales, by Peter Stanier
ISBN 0906294 33 9 Published 1995
A selection of historic photographs from the British Geological Survey collection showing quarrying methods and machinery in the period 1904 to 1935.
A small supply has been located. Please see our Limited Stocks page.
White Funnel Magic, by Nigel Coombes
ISBN 0 906294 34 7 Published 1995
Campbell's paddle steamers in the Bristol and English channels.
Cornwall's Churchyard Heritage, by Hilary Lees
ISBN 0 906294 35 5 Published 1996
Historic churchyards are a monument to our past.
Devonport Dockyard Railway, by Paul Burkhalter
ISBN 0 906294 37 1 Published 1996
The largest industrial railway system in the west of England.
Plynlimon & Hafan Tramway, by E. A. Wade
ISBN 0 906294 38 X Published 1997
One of Wales' lesser known narrow-gauge railways.
Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge, by John Binding
ISBN 0 906294 39 8 Published 1997 (Hardback)
An excellent account of this iconic structure.
Available again in a softback edition, ISBN 978 0 906294 73 4
Mines of Cornwall & Devon, by Peter Stanier
ISBN 0 906294 40 1 Published 1998
Historic photographs of metal and other mines in the two counties.
The Mont Cenis Fell Railway, by P. J. G. Ransom
ISBN 0 906294 41 X Published 1999
The world's first mountain railway, British engineered by J. B. Fell.
The Lee Moor Tramway, by Roy E. Taylor
ISBN 0 906294 42 8 Published 1999
Photographic portrait of this steam and cable operated tramway.
The Kalmeter Journal, translated by Justin Brooke
ISBN 0 906294 45 2 Published 2001
An unrivalled record of industrial practices made on a visit to the west country in 1724-25
Caradon & Looe; the canal, railways and mines, by Michael Messenger
ISBN 0906294 46 0 Published 2001 (Hardback)
The second fully revised editon of the definitive history of the Liskeard & Caradon Railway, the Liskeard & Looe Railway and the Liskeard & Looe Union Canal and the mines, quarries and industries they served.
Available again in a new edition, ISBN 978 0 906294 82 6
Lundy Packets, by Mike Tedstone
ISBN 0906294 47 5 Published 2001
Full account of the historic mail boats serving Lundy Island.
Cosens of Weymouth; 1918 to 1996, by Richard Clammer
ISBN 0906294 48 7 Published 2001
The Wessex coast's principal paddle steamer operator.
Cornwall's Archaeological Heritage, by by Nicholas Johnson and Peter Rose
ISBN 978 0906294 529 Published 1990, revised 2003
Cornwall has a wealth of archaeological remains that few parts of Britain can equal. Every period of history is represented, not just in single sites, but in whole landscapes.
Industrial Railways of the South West, by Michael Messenger
ISBN 978 0906294 59 2 Published 2005
A photographic record of lesser known lines in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.
T R Brown of Bristol, by Captain Stephen Carter
ISBN 978 0906294 60 6 Published 2006
A remarkable tale of a family's maritime enterprise.
Railway Ships & Packet Ports, by Richard Danielson
ISBN 978 0 906294 64 2 Published 2007
Britain's railway owned ferry fleets and harbours.
Tacky's Tugs, by Captain Stephen Carter
ISBN 978 0906294 66 6 Published 2008
W J Reynolds of Torpoint had the last fleet of coal fired steam tugs in Great Britain.
Bishop Rock Lighthouse, by Elisabeth Stanbrook
ISBN 978 0 906294 69 7 Published 2008
A tribute to heroic Victorian engineering, and still vital today.
Godrevy Light, by Charles Thomas & Jessica Mann
ISBN 978 0906294 703 Published 2009
The full story of this iconic structure and the art it inspired
Hevva! Cornish Fishing in the Days of Sail, by Keith Harris
ISBN 978 0906294 710 Published 2010
The lives of hard men and sturdy boats ably recounted.
Fayle's Tramways, by Chris Legg
ISBN 978 0 906294 79 6 Published 2014 (Hardback)
Clay Mining in Purbeck - Two Hundred Years, Six Different Gauges.
Available again in a new softback edition, ISBN 978 0 906294 88 8
The Furzebrook Railway, by Chris Legg
ISBN 978 0 906294 89 5 Published 2016 (Hardback)
Completing the story of Purbeck's clay railways
Available again in a new softback edition, ISBN 978 0 906294 91 8
Plymouth's Hidden Railways, by Paul Burkhalter
ISBN 978 0 906294 92 5 Published 2017
A multitude of industrial railways, big and small, in and around Plymouth.
The Snailbeach District Railways, by Andy Cuckson
ISBN 978 0 906294 90 1 Published 2017
ISBN 978 0 906294 93 2 (Softback) Published 2017
One of Britain's less well known public narrow gauge railways

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