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Cornwall is a wonderful county with a rich history and heritage. The beaches and coastal scenery are magnificent but inland there is much of interest also. The sea and the county's natural resources, geology in particular, have sustained her people for thousands of years. The Isles of Scilly are set in the Atlantic west of Land's End.

The Heritage series was conceived as a good quality guide to some of the more interesting aspects of Cornwall's heritage and has proved very successful, setting new standards for local publications. Several titles have sold tens of thousands of copies. Each is by a recognised expert and contains a good introduction as well as a gazetteer of places to visit. Always well illustrated with photographs, maps and drawings, they have a common format of 48 A5 pages with a distinctive full colour cover. Each new edition is fully revised and in full colour. Heritage books are available from many bookshops and tourist attractions, including National Trust properties, in Cornwall.

Cornwall's Railway Heritage, by John Stengelhofen
Cornwall's railways were very idiosyncratic and despite modernisation, there is still much to see. This new edition is fuly revised. The gazetteer is preceded by chapters showing how the coming of the railways shaped the county we know today. Over 12,000 copies sold.
ISBN 978 0 906294 51 2. 82 illustrations £4.50
Cornwall's Maritime Heritage, by Alan Kittridge
With so much coastline and so few places very far from the coast it is hardly surprising that the sea has been, and continues to be, a major influence on Cornwall. This fully revised book tells the county's maritime history and the gazetteer lists many fascinating places worth visiting.
ISBN 978 0 906294 50 5. 76 illustration £4.50
Cornwall's Lifeboat Heritage, by Nicholas Leach
Great heroism by lifeboatmen in the past two centuries has saved many lives. This book recounts how the service developed in Cornwall and the progress in design of lifeboats. All past and present stations are described with many colour illustrations.
ISBN 978 0 906294 43 7. 103 illustrations, many in colour, £4.50
Cornwall's Lighthouse Heritage, by Michael Tarrant
The coast of Cornwall has been feared by sailors since seafaring began and nearly one thousand known wrecks has resulted in the greatest concentration of lighthouses anywhere in the world. Victorian engineering ingenuity and skill is described as well as the human aspect of 'living in a lamp-post'.
ISBN 978 0 906294 62 8. 78 illustrations £4.50
Cornwall's Geological Heritage, by Peter Stanier
This book introduces the subject to the visitor or resident who wishes to know more about the unique landscape of Cornwall. The legacy of a remarkable wealth of geology has determined the coastal and inland scenery and, in turn, influenced man's activities such as farming, seafaring and especially mining and quarrying. Over 12,000 copies sold.
ISBN 978 0 906294 91 1. 65 colour illustrations £4.50
Cornwall's Industrial Heritage, by Peter Stanier
Cornwall was at the heart of the industrial revolution and much remains. Foundries, engine builders and gunpowder mills served the mines, breweries and mills served the miners. Transport links, military works and international communications all feature.
ISBN 978 0 906294 57 4. 68 illustrations £4.50
Cornwall's Bridge & Viaduct Heritage, by Eric Kentley
One of the richest counties for bridges, ranging from ancient simple granite slabs to lofty viaducts crossing valleys. Some are engineering triumphs and others monuments to long-forgotten trade routes.
ISBN 978 0 906294 58 1. 73 illustrations £4.50
Devon's Lifeboat Heritage, by Nicholas Leach
The story of the lifeboat service in Devon is told, both its history and modern times in this profusely illustrated guide. A companion to his book on Cornwall's lifeboats.
ISBN 978 0 906294 72 7. 117 illustrations. £4.50
Scilly's Archaeological Heritage, by Jeanette Ratcliffe
The Isles of Scilly are rich in archaeological remains representing over four thousand years of occupation. These monuments are remarkably well preserved owing to the fact that they are largely built of stone and lie mainly on moorland or uninhabited islands untouched by modern farming. Produced by the Cornwall Archaeological Unit.
ISBN 978 0 906294 53 6. 89 illustrations. £4.50
Scilly's Building Heritage, by Peter Madden
The architecture of the Isles of Scilly reflects the environmental conditions and the economic and social background of an isolated island community. Some of the buildings are of national importance but generally the architecture is quiet and unostentatious, reflecting its context. 120 buildings are illustrated and described.
ISBN 978 0 906294 36 9. 151 illustrations. £3.50
Scilly's Wildlife Heritage, by Adrian Spalding & Pat Sargent
Home to species found noweher else in Britain, the Isles of Scilly have a unique wildlife, often augmented by rare migratory birds and other travellers. This is the first general but comprehensive account of the wildlife of the Scillies, and is illustrated almost entirely in full colour.
ISBN 978 0 906294 44 4. 69 illustrations, many in colour. £3.95
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