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Tin Miner

Called Home : The Dartmoor Tin Miner 1860-1940
by Tom Greeves, £16.00

Unique images and recollections of people and machinery of Dartmoor's high moorland tin industry, bringing to life the sites that have now been reclaimed by the moor. The voices of those once involved in Dartmoor’s pre-eminent industry are heard again.

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Dartmoor's Earliest Photographs, Landscape and Place 1860-1880
by Tom Greeves, £18.00

The earliest photographic images of the Dartmoor landscape; some 125 taken in the 1860s and 1870s, beautifully reproduced. Most have never been previously published in book form and are the earliest precise record we have of the Dartmoor landscape.

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Inclined Planes

Inclined Planes in the South West
by Martin Bodman, £15.00

In much of the south west, inclined planes provided an essential means of transport for industry. Mines, quarries and limekilns all utilised cable-, rope- or chain-hauled planes in the period 1780-1950. Canals, too, as well as early railways, adopted them as an engineering solution.

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The Redlake Tramway & China Clay Works
by E. A. Wade, £8.00

A bold attempt to introduce industry into the hear of Dartmoor. This is the tale with real contributions from the workers themselves, for their voices were often the only archive. With accounts of day to day life at the hostel deep in the moor, this is a very human story.

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All our books are sent post free to UK addresses

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