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ISBN 978 0 906294 80 2. 124 pages, 135 illustrations. Full colour hard back. £18.00


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Dartmoor’s Earliest Photographs
Landscape & Place 1860 - 1880

by Tom Greeves

By the mid-19th century the new discipline of photography was attracting many skilled practitioners. Presented here are some 125 images of Dartmoor in the 1860s and 1870s. Most have never been previously published in book form. They are the earliest precise record we have of the Dartmoor landscape – familiar, yet different to today, with some remarkable changes in vegetation and buildings. Fascinating subjects include popular landmarks, but also archaeological sites, bridges, churches, farmland, houses, military training, mills, mines, towns, viaducts and woods, giving a unique view of Victorian Dartmoor, often with people giving scale and context. The nationally renowned photographer Francis Bedford is well represented, as are many local photographers, such as William Merrifield of Tavistock and William Spreat of Exeter.

Tom Greeves MA, PhD, is a cultural environmentalist who is a leading authority on the archaeology and history of Dartmoor. Since 1998 he has been chairman of the Dartmoor Society and he is to be President of the Devonshire Association. His varied career has included being Sites & Monuments Officer for Devon and archaeologist for Dartmoor National Park.



... beautifully presented ... essential reading ...
Dartmoor Magazine

An expert exploration of an enormous and variable place at an interesting time in its history.
Western Morning News

This book is a gem ...
Dartmoor News

A unique views of Victorian Dartmoor, with people giving scale and context. Tavistock Times

Number One in the Chart Top 10 Books in the Western Morning News



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